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My name is Chassity Parrish and I am the CEO of Roadmap2balance4momz, LLC. I am a full-time mother and I maintain a full time career. I have a Master’s Degree in Science of Human Behavior from Capella University. I have mentored several moms over the past 7 years which has encouraged me to use my voice to encourage, support, redefine, and elevate Moms to finding Resilience, Self-Care, and Balance in their lives through real life and practical methods.

These Virtual Consultation/Life Coaching Services empowers Momz in achieving their goals in developing an individualized Roadmap to Balance with Self-Care as a Priority. These Virtual Services will incumbent creative, unorthodox methods to Momz redefining themselves. The other side of Progression is Consistency!

Service A

Momz Assessment: (30 min) $30.00, First 15 minutes is FREE!

This assessment utilizes practical and real-life based tools to help Momz gain insight and establish a roadmap toward balance. Momz will experience a sense of reduced stress once session is complete.

Service B

Momz Personalized RoadMap: (40 min) $45.00

This service assists Momz in personalizing a practical Roadmap that will be implemented for a Mom to utilize on a day to day basis. This Roadmap will allow for the Mom to have a sense of direction and a clear view of the future. Momz will experience a sense of decreased anxiety and a sense of direction.

Service C

Momz Self-Care Regimen: (45 min) $55.00

Self-Care is a major part to a successful individual. People do their best when they make themselves a priority.  This experience educates Momz and aids Momz in building a solid Self-Care Regimen that will cultivate a lifetime of increased mental wellness.

Service D

Momz Circle: (50 min) $60.00

This service utilizes life practicum to secure and locate tools and resources for healthy foundational relationships, healthy environments, and health supportive family systems.

Service E

Momz 4 Pillars (Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual): (60 min) $80.00

These 4 Pillars will help a Mom strengthen their life.  A Mom will be able to adapt, endure, communicate, and define how to effectively cope with stressors and challenges in a more comprehensive balanced way.  Facing adversity will be done with Confidence.

Service F

Momz Resilient Plan (80 min) $95.00

This service will assist the Mom in a goal-based partnership.  This will be Mom focused and will include feedback and support to aid the Mom in long-term personal growth.


Chassity Parrish is literally one of the most amazing women that I know. I look up to her in so many ways as she probably does not even know. I became a singe Mother at the age of 20…..and now I’m 34 with 4 children. Chassity has pushed, encouraged and always guided me with Godly wisdom towards my personal roadmap. She always assured me that I am an amazing Mother even when I doubted myself- That’s my Truth!

Whitney Bolton

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