My name is Chassity Parrish and I am the CEO of Roadmap2balance4momz, LLC. I am a full-time mother and I maintain a full-time career. I have a Master’s Degree in Science of Human Behavior from Capella University. I have mentored several moms over the past 9 years which has encouraged me to use my voice to encourage, support, redefine, and elevate Moms to finding Resilience, Self-Care, and Balance in their lives through real-life and practical methods.

My Virtual Consultation/SheroPower Mom Coaching Experience Services empowers Momz in achieving their goals in developing an individualized Roadmap to Balance with Self-Care as a Priority. These Virtual Services will incumbent creative, unorthodox methods to Momz redefining themselves.

These 1 hour and 30minute One-On-One Mom Coaching Calls, I use my Certified Life Coaching Skills and Real Life (Real Experiences) Practical Skills to teach and empower emerging Moms and Mompreneurs how to dig deep to use your time, strategies, and resources in a way that supports the business and family without sacrificing your well-being.  Momz will also be taught how to develop their own personalized RoadMap to Self-Care, Manage their Time, How to manage the many facets of Motherhood, How to manage the many facets of Parenting, Change their Mindset, and How to tap into their #SheroPowers to Redefine and Reclaim YOU.

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The Other Side of Progression is Consistency

I once lost myself because I was out of alignment. I did not make Self-Care a Priority. I suffered in silence and it took a toll on my health. I did not ask for help. I was not sleeping. I was not eating healthy. I was not managing my time. I was not parenting effectively. I was not coping with the many facets of motherhood appropriately. I lost my sense of self-worth. My self-confidence and who I was, was tied to my identity as a mom. I doubted my self-confidence and my value in life.

I was showing up for everyone else, except for myself. I was so stressed out and suffered high anxiety that I just hit rock bottom. Yep pretty much flat-lined……….

This impacted my entire wellbeing negatively from my health (mental and physical); I suffered from depression, anxiety, and medical issues that landed me on bed rest by doctor’s orders.

Through my relationship with God and him healing me, My Resilience and Reclaiming who I was, has empowered me with the ability to encourage, teach, and help other Moms navigate through their life obstacles and discover their secret sauce.

I realized through prayer and journaling that I needed to find my purpose and my worth…

And chances are, you’ve experienced something similar.

I remember not wanting to do very much for myself because I was pretty consumed with my kids, parent-teacher meetings, spouse, appointments, conferences, work, and much more.

When I noticed that nothing in my life was aligning I knew I had to do something different.

I made a decision. I chose to do what was aligning to me.

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I stepped outside of the box 📦, tapped into my secret sauce, and did the work to become the very best version of myself so that I could THRIVE💕🎯.

I took action through prayer and worship and discovered my self-worth, my confidence, and I begin to love myself in the process. I evolved. I created and set boundaries. I plan and prioritize what’s important. I say “NO” if it goes against my values. I speak my truth in a loving way because I realize that my voice matters too. I protect my peace.✌🏽 I know that I am Worthy of love💗and respect. I parent effectively. I manage the many facets of motherhood. I identified and created a support system. I learned how to affirm myself. I discovered the importance of Me Time. I ask for help when needed.

I tapped into my secret sauce and my #sheropowers and found my purpose to start taking action on the things that most aligned with Self-Care.

And guess what? It worked!

Sadly, I see so many of the same challenges amongst MOMZ.

But the truth is, you don’t have to lose yourself and sacrifice yourself in order to create success and balance in your family, relationships, career, and lifestyle.

Instead, I want to show you how to create a personalized roadmap to Self-Care, Manage your tasks, Tackle the many challenges of Parenthood, Manage the many facets of Motherhood, Change your Mindset, plan and prioritize what’s important and how to tap into your secret sauce and your #sheropowers to redefine you to THRIVE in your family and motherhood.

Are you ready to make Self-Care a Priority, Change your Mindset, Manage your tasks, manage the many facets of Motherhood, Tackle the many challenges of Parenthood, Plan and Prioritize what’s important and find your SheroPower by Aligning yourself through the SheroPower LifeCoaching Experience so you can THRIVE at balancing family and motherhood?

Here are a few practical items that the SheroPower Mom Coaching Experience provides (there is more):

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Momz Personalized Roadmap to Planning and Scheduling your Week

This coaching service assists empowers, motivates, pushes Momz in personalizing a practical Roadmap to use daily and weekly. This Roadmap will give Momz defined objectives and a clear view of the future. Momz will experience a feeling of decreased anxiety and a sense of direction/alignment.

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Momz Self-Care Strategy/Regimen

Self-Care is a core part of individual success. People give and do their best when they make themselves a priority and are aligned. Operating on Autopilot is a set up for undeniable frustration. This coaching experience educates, empowers, and aids Momz in developing a solid Self-Care Regimen that will cultivate a lifetime of mental wellness goals. Momz will feel sound, aligned, and determined after completing this session.

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Momz Circle

This coaching service uses local support services to empower the Mom in securing and locating tools and resources for healthy foundational relationships, healthy environments, and supportive family systems to assist a Mom with being productive in their goals and family. We will engage in an activity of creating your Momz Supportive Circle.

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Momz Pillars to Success with Smart Goal Strategy

The 4 Pillars (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) included in this coaching session will empower Momz to regain control and alignment of their lives by using smart goal steps. Momz will be able to adapt, endure, communicate, and define how to effectively cope with stressors and challenges in a more comprehensive, balanced way. You will face adversity with confidence after completing this session!

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Momz Mindset/Balance Resilient Plan

We’re in this together! The Momz Mindset Resilient Plan is a coaching service that will empower, encourage and assist Momz in a goal-based partnership and training on mindset tools to help Momz achieve success in their family and business. This will be Mom-focused and will include feedback and support to aid in long-term personal growth.

Are you READY for your SheroPower Mom Coaching Experience where you dig deep to Plan and Prioritize what’s important so that YOU can THRIVE while balancing motherhood and family?

  • Are you are feeling like you have lost yourself, stressed out, anxiety and overwhelmed with the multilateral roles that you wear as Mom, wife, Mompreneur, Author, etc?
  • Have you lost your sense of self-worth? Your self-confidence and who you are is tied to your identity as a mom. Do you doubt your self-confidence and your value in life?
  • Are you are feeling overwhelmed with the multilateral roles with Motherhood and Parenting (schedules, relating, discipline, communication, & etc)?
  • Have you lost alignment with who you are and your cup is empty…….you are trying to pour/give to your family, business, and friends from an empty cup……Self-Care has not been a priority?
  • Have you lost your motivation to work towards your goals of tapping into your SHEROPOWERS (planning and prioritizing) to discover the practical tools and resources to become resilient and Thrive?
  • Do you feel stuck on your to-do list, goals, appointments, events, or business items because you just have so much to do and you can’t quite figure out how to get it all done?
  • Have you lost a sense of your overall well-being, and your supportive circle, and have not been able to effectively cope with life stressors and challenges?

Well, you have come to the perfect spot to discover that this program is perfect for busy Moms who are juggling many hats and are seeking creative ways to plan, prioritize, organize and schedule their lifestyle while prioritizing Self-Care to THRIVE in motherhood and family.

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  • I will help you strategize and organize your thoughts, your plans, and help you to put them into actionable items
  • Your mindset shifts from “I Can’t” to “How Can I Make This Happen”.
  • We create a tailor-made Self-Care Plans for recidivism
  • I will help you set boundaries with family and friends, empower you to respect and love yourself, show you how to create and protect your peace, and ask for help.
  • You will be able to check items off your to-do list items, crush your goals, and much more with a strategic plan of action for managing the tasks that we will develop.
  • You will walk away knowing your self-worth. (learn how to counteract negative thoughts). You will walk away with self-confidence and your value in life. You will rebuild/reboot the YOU again. (focus on your strengths and core values)
  • You will know how to plan and prioritize your family, relationships, career, and lifestyle without loosing yourself. You develop a sense of balance that works for You, your family, and your household size
  • You will feel better about your overall well-being (mentally, spiritually, physically)….You will know how to take action through prayer and worship.
  • You will learn Self-Care skills, how to set small, smart goals, how to reward yourself for winning, and tools to manage your tasks.
  • You will have a sense of stability and reassurance with the multilateral roles of Motherhood and Parenting (by creating schedules, creating routines, discipline techniques, and communicating your needs to your children).
  • You will have identified your supportive tribe and created a plan on how to tap into a supportive circle.
  • You will have a developed a resilient plan to cope with life challenges and stressors as they arise by renewing your mindest, eliminating the procrastination, and managing your tasks and resources to get things done
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The SheroPower Mom Coaching Program/Experience:

  • Meets weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for an hour. (whatever the Mom desires) …I am flexible because I know Mommies have busy schedules….
  • You will have access to the Moms Lounge Support Closed Facebook Group where additional trainings, tools, and support will be provided
  • An Individualized, tailored Self-Care plan will be developed
  • Homework is given during each session with a follow-up email
  • You will recieve a FREE Self-Care Checklist
  • You will receive a FREE RE-Claim You Workbook
  • You will receive a FREE list of books
  • We will meet for 8 sessions per the contract unless otherwise stated or agreed upon
  • 1 Accountability check-in call in between each session
  • Unlimited text, messenger chat support

If you require a payment plan please email me at roadmap2balance4momz@gmail.com

I am so excited for you to get started!

What are you waiting for? This will be the best decision that you have made not only for yourself, but for your family, your significant other, your business, your community, and to get you back on track. You deserve it, Sis!

Can’t Wait to see you soon!



Chassity Parrish is literally one of the most amazing women that I know. I look up to her in so many ways as she probably does not even know. I became a single mother at the age of 20…..and now I’m 34 with 4 children. Chassity has pushed, encouraged, and always guided me with Godly wisdom towards my personal roadmap. She always assured me that I am an amazing mother even when I doubted myself- That’s my Truth!

Whitney B.

Having Chassity as a Mom Coach has been such a great benefit. She has pushed me on keeping things organized, remaining disciplined, and being accountable. I have also been able to schedule time for my self-care in order to be the best version of myself for my children, my spouse, my business, and my career. Thank you Chassity!

Khadija S.

I had a few sessions with Chassity during a time when I had to discover my leadership in my work/life and exploring the possibility of living abroad. She is very empathetic and professional. Chassity has helped me narrow my strengths, core values, and truly moving forward with life. I can honestly say that I am working towards balancing a better lifestyle. I definitely would recommend Chassity to anyone.

Paula S.

Having Chassity as a Mom Coach has been such an amazing benefit. I was referred to Chassity by another mom that is in her program. Chassity has helped me to see the importance of Self-Care. Chassity has also helped me to identify how to prioritize Self-Care so that I can be a better version of myself. I have also been able to manage my tasks, my to-do lists, and most of all love myself. Thank you Chassity!

Roxanne D.

Roadmap2balnce4momz has truly enriched and blessed me. Under Chassity’s accountability, Coaching, and self-care/ love approach. I was able to regain myself, relearn my value, and no longer be caught in the busy doing and not being whom I was created to be.

You will have to put in the work of being challenged in your old ways and it will be uncomfortable but If you’re truly ready to learn balance in your life, and you’re willing to put in the work, this can change your life.

Kylee M.

I highly recommend this program to any woman, especially mothers. Chassity and I worked together diligently and I’ve overcome many obstacles and challenges that hindered me from being the best version of myself. I have overcome challenges like mom guilt, self doubt, fear of rejection, fear of love, and increasing my confidence. I have a much better relationship with my children. I’ve learned how to communicate better and develop a stronger connection with my children. I’ve learned to establish boundaries with people and focus on myself first. I feel renewed! I am grateful for Chassity Parrish. As a result, I’m a changed woman. I highly recommend, 10/10.

-Monica Lacey

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