The Mompreneur Manual Digital Superpower Bundle


We help moms build a balanced business and monetize their superpowers. With The Mompreneur Manual SuperPower Bundle, you’ll be sure to make your business and mom goals happen.

In The Mompreneur Manual, Chassity Parrish and Danielle Towner will walk you through the planning, finance, marketing, self-care, and mindset of operating a balanced mompreneur business.

Once you have the business, self-care, and mindset tools to build a balanced business and monetize your superpower, use the dateless Balance your Mompower Planner to organize your business, family, and personal plans and make them official.

Then kick back, relax and let your journal be your guide to stress-free self-care and mompreneur empowerment with the Mind your Business, Sis Journal (prompts included).

This dynamic trio helps you:


  • Put your strategies in plan form
  • Break goals down into smaller steps
  • Take daily action toward reaching big business and family goals.


  • Affirm and reward yourself along the way


What you’ll get:


  1. The Mompreneur Manual E-Book
  2. Balance your MomPower Digital Planner
  3. Digital/Printable Mind your Business, Sis Journal
  4. Weekly E-mails with Tools, Tips, and Check-Ins


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