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While being a multi hat wearer, You don’t realize that you lose yourself or you drown in this thing called life. Trying to be the best Woman first, Mom, the best Wife, the best Friend, the Best Volunteer, is not possible if you don’t even know who you are. You have created in your head this image of what life should be or you have planned your entire life down to the white picket fence, career, kids, hubbs, and so on.

Then there’s the part where you forget about your healing. Did I touch a nerve? It’s okay because I meant to do that. Healing for Women and Moms is crucial to how you walk in confidence, understanding your worth, becoming who you are really supposed to be. You get so caught on lifing (family, career, kids, significant other, social life) that your healing journey is often interrupted, distracted and placed on the back burner until you are left close to a nervous breakdown. Whatever your trauma is, healing is where it starts to becoming who God really has designed you to be.

Many of you (moms/wives/women) have carried the burden of putting your feelings, needs, desires, and the plans that God has for You aside because you want to ensure that everyone else is taken care of (you have the natural nurturing vibe), but it has also played a role in you losing who God wants you to become. You are no longer confident, your self-worth has decreased, and you have not even thought about SelfCare and you are experiencing depression and anxiety. You are so consumed with your spouse, daily relationship issues, your kids, work, business, and day to day life that you have forgotten to pour into YOURSELF.

In this program while juggling yourself, motherhood, being a wife, business, working through your healing, you will receive guidance, motivation, emotional support, role playing, and identifying resources to help you stay on track with your continued success to your individual journey of healing, finding your confidence in God and walking in it, knowing your self-worth, loving your whole self, and practicing self-care consistently.

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The S.H.E. Membership will equip you with being the Woman that you are working daily to be and will also equip you to show up as a better version of Yourself.

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S.H.E. (Secure in God, Happy, & Evolving) will focus on continued development of healing, discovering your strenghts, walking in confidence and knowing your relationship with Christ. This program will also assist you with being intentional daily to live the life that you desire so that you can operate at your full capacity with being Secure in God, Defining your Happiness, and Evolving into an improved you.

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The combination of long lasting mentoring relationships, loads of belly laughs, breaking barriers that increase your Self-Worth/Value, and your willingness to take risks in walking confidently in who you are becoming so that you can love yourself wholeheartedly is the start to the evolution of a new you.

S.H.E. Secure in God, Happy/Healing, and, Evolving: Secure in God means finding a sense of safety, comfort, and peace by placing trust in Jesus Christ. It means having faith that God is always there to guide, protect, and support us through life’s challenges. Feeling secure in God often involves surrendering our worries and fears, knowing that we are not alone in our journey. This brings a sense of reassurance, hope, and a belief that everything will work out for the best.

Happy/Healing means choosing to be happy in Christ in your hope and your love found in your relationship with Him. It also means finding contentment and joy in knowing that you are loved unconditionally by God, forgiven for your mistakes, and that your life has purpose and meaning every single day.

Healing in Christ encompasses the idea of finding your wholeness and restoration in various aspects of your life. It means healing from your past hurts, forgiving yourself and others, and experiencing emotional and spiritual renewal through the power of prayer through the grace of God.

Hi Momz!

I’m Chassity Parrish, CEO of Roadmap2balance4momz, LLC. I am a full-time mother while maintaining a full time career. I have a Master’s Degree in Science of Human Behavior from Capella University. Over the past eight years, I have mentored many moms. Those experiences inspired me to use my voice to encourage, support, redefine, and elevate Moms to finding their Worth, walk in Confidence, Develop Resilience, Self-Care, and Create what Balance looks like for them in their lives through real life and practical methods.

I have worked to so many moms who allow the fear of the unknown to captivate them into operating on autopilot that they never get a chance to experience their full potential.

When I made a decision many years ago to intentionally build my relationship with Christ, heal from past trauma, schedule SelfCare, organize my life, change my mindset, plan time with my spouse and kids…… things changed and aligned .

I’m not saying everything is perfect, but with God, activating my faith, and being intentional with my day to day activities and how I treat myself and how I communicate needs, life continues to elevate. I am no longer afraid to share my insecurities, my flaws, my disappointments, and my wins because I know God place me in a place to help other moms with on their journey.

Pure happiness begins with you.  You have to start somewhere in order to manifest the change you want to see happen.

Learn more about S.H.E. (Secure in God, Happy, & Evolving)

The mission of S.H.E. is to provide moms with the tools needed to heal healthy, walk in confidence in your relationship with Christ, to define what your individualized happiness looks like, tips to keep evolving so that you can continue to be secure in who you are. This program is designed to help you increase your confidence in several areas of your life where you may be challenged as a woman/mom whether with yourself, with your kiddos, your significant other, or life in general. This program supports you in many areas including your relationship with Christ, prayer, developing routines that meets you and your family needs, having a driven mindset, actively practicing self-care, reading books together (Moms Book Club) to help you grow, attending virtual support groups with speakers to help provide tips, tools, and resources to empower your journey and understanding how knowing your worth empowers you. At the end of the day, when you are not your best self, your productivity as a woman, mother, friend, spouse, etc never reaches its full potential. You may feel like it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is okay, even if it’s at the expense of your own well being. However, we must understand and develop a lifestyle to manage it all. But it starts with YOU! I created the S.H.E. Program to encourage a habit of a lifestyle change.

What’s Included:

S.H.E.(Secure in God, Happy, & Evolving: (Monthly Membership) $49.95

In this monthly membership, you will create and setup an ongoing lifestyle that will allow you to create an atmoshere for continued healing and evolving. This includes your relationship with Christ, Prayer, Positive Reinforcements (Affirmations and Reflections), Mindset Tools, Practicing Self-Care, Meet-Up (virtually and in person) and Mommy Book Club. This will also include mom support to help you tackle day-to-day challenges that will arise. We will read books (Mom Friends Book Club) that will empower you to have open discussions to fuel your growth as a confident woman. You will also have a safe space to identify and shift challenging patterns of juggling life and family into positive ones. As we resolve old habits and replace them with new tools, resources, personal growth, you will replenish your confidence and your relationship with Christ and meet your goals and milestones.

If you are ready to walk boldly into your healing and confidently in who you are and enjoy a lifestyle that uses life circumstances, practical advice, real life scenarios, support groups, motivational speakers, and books to support your evolution and transform your challenges into future growth, then S.H.E. Mentoring Program is for you.

Monthly Memberships Fees Include:

  • Monthly Group/Mentoring Sessions a safe space to stay connected, provide support, provide tools, and build relationships
  • Mom Friends Book Club: reading books to support positive conversations and personal development.
  • Meet-Ups (Virtually/In-Person) to discuss the different varieties of juggling womanhood, motherhood, business, family, and life. (Guest Speakers)
  • Video Affirmations to help empower, encourage, and uplift.
  • Video Reflections to provide tools and tips to walk confidently in who you are striving to become.
  • Email, text, and messenger support to help process and work through tackling day-to-day challenges that will arise.

How to join:

Once you click the button below and purchase your monthly membership, download the GroupMe App here and create your account. Once you have created your account, I will add you to the S.H.E. Mentor Community and you will then receive a simple contract to sign through a google doc. Once the google doc is complete, then you will receive in the mail your book and any other documentation needed for the S.H.E. Mentorship Membership and Community.

* If you require a payment plan please email roadmap2balance4momz@gmail.com

Chassity Parrish is literally one of the most amazing women that I know. I look up to her in so many ways as she probably does not even know. I became a singe Mother at the age of 20…..and now I’m 34 with 4 childrenChassity has pushed, encouraged and always guided me with Godly wisdom towards my personal roadmap. She always assured me that I am an amazing Mother even when I doubted myself- That’s my Truth!

-Whitney Bolton

Chassity was a guest on my podcast to discuss her journey as a life coach. The passion she has for helping moms reflected through the conversation and it shows through every aspect of her business.

-Danielle Towner, Dream Work Creatives

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