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Mentoring 4 Momz will assist Momz in developing mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological stamina – in the midst of the dynamic, multilateral roles of motherhood – through guidance, motivation, emotional support, role modeling, and identifying resources.

Hi Momz!

I’m Chassity Parrish, CEO of Roadmap2balance4momz, LLC. I am a full-time mother while maintaining a full time career. I have a Master’s Degree in Science of Human Behavior from Capella University. Over the past seven years, I have mentored several moms. Those experiences inspired me to use my voice to encourage, support, redefine, and elevate Moms to finding Resilience, Self-Care, and Balance in their lives through real life and practical methods.

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What would it feel like to increase your stamina in several areas of your life? What would your stamina be like at its highest peak physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically in the midst of the dynamic roles of motherhood? When your stamina has decreased and your energy is low, your productivity as a mother, friend, spouse, etc never reaches its full potential. You may feel like it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is okay, even if it’s at the expense of your own well being. I designed the Mentoring 4 Momz Package to change that.

Mentoring 4 Momz Package: Reclaim Yourself Intensive (4 Weeks) $550

In this one-month immersion, you will identify and shift negative patterns to positive ones. As we resolve old habits and replace them with healthy habits, you will replenish your stamina and set productive boundaries.

If you are ready to dive into self-reflection, self-identification and self-love that uses life circumstances to support your evolution and transform your past pain into future growth, Mentoring 4 Momz is for you.

Package includes:

3- 75 minute one-on-one healing/mentoring sessions

Unlimited email support during the month to help you process and integrate what comes up along the way.

How to join:

Once you click the button below and purchase your package, check your email for a simple contract to sign and return. Then, you will receive an intake form with a link to book your 3 sessions.

*Must book sessions within 30 days. If you require a payment plan please email roadmap2balance4momz@gmail.com

Chassity Parrish is literally one of the most amazing women that I know. I look up to her in so many ways as she probably does not even know. I became a singe Mother at the age of 20…..and now I’m 34 with 4 childrenChassity has pushed, encouraged and always guided me with Godly wisdom towards my personal roadmap. She always assured me that I am an amazing Mother even when I doubted myself- That’s my Truth!

-Whitney Bolton

Chassity was a guest on my podcast to discuss her journey as a life coach. The passion she has for helping moms reflected through the conversation and it shows through every aspect of her business.

-Danielle Towner, Dream Work Creatives

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