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Why Self-Care is Important

Hey Momz, the reality is Self-Care is long over due and we have to come to terms that the Importance of Self-Care is priority.

Self-Care is doing something that brings you joy and that keeps you aligned/centered (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I like to think of Self-Care as taking Care of an infant. You have to nurture the baby, feed the baby, love on the baby, teach the baby…… you get my drift…… basically you are responsible for nurturing on yourself as you would nurture an infant.

Why is Self-Care Important?

1. Our tanks will become empty and then we will be running on fumes

2. We need replenish the energy that we give so that we can reset

3. Focusing on ourselves makes us a better parent, spouse, friend, businesswoman, and so on

Self-care is important for moms because it is super quick for us Moms to over task ourselves: we worry about appointments, keeping the house clean, laundry, and much more that we can feel pulled in a million different ways. Having to do all of that reminds us that we need some time to recenter ourselves.

Check out this great read on self-care:

I want to share with you 4 tips that you can do to recenter yourself:

1. Spend some time alone in your favorite space and read a book, listen to a podcast or read a magazine

My favorite space

2. You could take a bubble bath with music playing and candles lit with your favorite glass of wine.

3. You could go on a walk in your neighborhood and enjoy the scenery of the environment.

4. You could declutter a space such as a personal closet: I recently decluttered all of my toiletries, perfumes, makeup, lipsticks and I am only keeping what I need….. this gives me a peace of mind.

It is evident that Self-Care is important and that we have to learn to love ourselves. Nurturing and caring for ourselves helps us to live and operate out of a healthy, strong and a stable place. When our cup is full and we are taken care of, we can love and serve others well.

I left these affirmations just for you:

You will love yourself

You will believe in yourself

You will achieve your self-care goals

Thanks for reading,

Chass 💕

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Moms Are Adequate and Graced

Hey👋 Momz, you ever been in a place where you have felt inadequate at times 🙋🏻‍♀️? Sometimes Mommying can feel quite chaotic and challenging. We are often faced with obstacles to challenge our innovative way of thinking 🤔. Let me share my story: My 15 year old son being diagnosed with Chrohns Disease early 2018 really challenged my innovative way of thinking 🤔 as well as played with my mental in regards to my adequacy as a Mom through what I thought to be a chaotic situation. Since 2011, my son had been dealing with intense stomach/intestinal pain. When I say pain I mean vomiting 🤮 throughout the night, fevers 🤒, sleeping by the toilet 🚽, many trips to the emergency room, unexplainable weight loss, and much more. My son had seen numerous doctors 🥼 and specialists but the doctors could not pin point what the issue was. As a parent, this really affected me because I felt helpless because I could not help my son or relieve him of the pain. My son and I would often talk and he would ask the question, “Mom, Am I going to gain weight?”. Deep down I really didn’t have an answer, but because of my prayer and faith, I would always tell my son that he is definitely going to gain weight. Although, I had my faith, deep down I was fearful because at that particular time my son was loosing weight and the doctors 🥼 could not seem to find answers through tests and blood work. This stomach pain and tests from the doctors 🥼 went on from 2011 to 2018 when my son finally received a diagnosis. But I didn’t realize that God had already mental prepared me for what I thought was chaos because when the doctor 🥼 gave the diagnosis my faith just automatically increased- I know it may seem weird but it’s true 🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. Even when I shared this information with my extended family about the diagnosis, some of my family members were getting upset and crying 😢; and I was like “Why are y’all crying, where is your faith?”. I wanted to share this story as way to help a Mom who may be feeling inadequate. Just know that you are adequate enough and graced enough at all times to handle any obstacle that is placed in front of you. With your innovative way of thinking, Momz can overcome with grace. Here is a link with more information for Momz to learn more about Chrohns Disease to help your little ones who may be going through the same thing 🤗: Momz are Rockstars🌟🌟🌟! #positiveaffirmations #momsneedmoms #mom #mother #godfirst #crohnsdisease #momsrock #momlife #momtruth #momprobs #mommy #mothers #mothersmatter #fridayaffirmation #empoweringwomen #empoweringmoms #empoweringmothers #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #grace

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Self Confidence

Hey Momz, Have you ever been in a place where your self confidence was feeling defeated🙋🏻‍♀️? This was once me 🙋🏻‍♀️. Let me share my story: In 2017 I was in a car accident which cause some permanent short term memory loss and in the midst of that I lost some self confidence because I was not for sure of many things due to the fact that I was experiencing some memory issues. Now as a Mom, this affected my entire life because my memory played a role in my relationship with my husband and children (appointments, dates, events, and etc). During this time, I attended therapy for my memory to help build and regain that muscle; however, through it all I still remained less confident. I was less confident in the fact that when I would have conversations with my husband and children that I would forget what we discussed and I felt so horrible about it but I could not help it. I was less confident in the fact that I would schedule appointments for myself, my husband, or my children and totally miss the appointment because I could not remember. Even talking to my extended family, we would have a conversation and they would be like “we already talked about that” and to me it felt like the first conversation we ever had about that particular topic, weighed on my self confidence. Then I begin to go into prayer with God and ask for memory restoration and tools to help me as a Mom to regain my self confidence and over time, God did just that 🌟. Through dreams God gave me resources: he literally told me to go buy this huge dry erase board and write things down and so I did 🤷🏼‍♀️. To this day, I still write things down; I have my to do lists and I have an ongoing list on my phone 📱 . I have this scripture Jeremiah 29:11 that I memorized “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” to also help regain my self confidence as a Mom.

Now because I was experiencing low self confidence, this affected my ability to do public speaking because I was afraid that I would forget the words. Now this fear of public speaking consumed me for about a year and some months. About a few weeks ago, I begin seeking my faith in fear. Although, I had heard many times from my Pastor and my husband that fear is the enemy, I never had my ah ha moment until I begin to dig deeper into my faith did my fear begin to disappear. I learned that the book of Psalms (56:3) is a great instruction on helping me to cast out my fear with faith. On Friday, June 21, 2019 I did my first short video on my Instagram which was about 7 seconds long. Although I was extremely nervous 😬, those few seconds gave me a boost of confidence to move me into the direction of my purpose. I wrote this because there may be some Moms who may be experiencing some self confidence and may need a boost 🤗🌟🌟. To all the Moms that are thriving through low self confidence, I would encourage you to take some time to do some self reflecting and to work on you because you have a Divine purpose 🤗🥰. #momsrock #moms #mothers #empoweringmoms #selfconfidence

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Guinea Pig 🐷

So my nine year old daughter is really into Guinea pigs 🐷 and she is on a mission to get one ☝️. Last night, my daughter (entrepreneur mindset) developed this entire well written contract that she wanted her father and I to sign. Now this contract was well thought 💭 out by my daughter because she strategically developed objectives and goals towards how she is going to get this guinea pig 🐷 by her tenth birthday. Not only only did she present a contract but she also had a calendar 🗓 that mapped out the days that counted down towards her birthday for the guinea pig 🐷. The objectives were so well thought out that my daughter even identified things that she needed to do daily (clean her room, no talking back to her parents, and staying on task) that I was at au. Now I’m thinking 🤔 to myself, the entire time my daughter has been playing me because she has known the entire time the things that she needed to do but now she is choosing to do them because she wants this guinea pig 🐷 🤦🏼‍♀️. Now these goals she had were specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Now this contract really blew my mind (although I know my daughter is super smart) because I’m like in shock cause she has kept all this knowledge from me 🤷🏼‍♀️. She basically waited on the right time to play her cards ♦️. So my daughter and I sit down and review this contract that she presented- I acknowledged to her how proud of her I was that she took the time to develop something that she wanted and that she is going to need that skill in life amongst other skills. We also talked about being a businesswoman and how using SMART Goals early in life is going to her identify and think critical to create her entrepreneurial-ship path in life. Although this story started about a guinea pig 🐷, ultimately it turned into message for our children. Kids are our future and we have to use every moment as a teachable moment as much as possible because the world 🌎 will teach them otherwise. So in a nutshell, the countdown begins for the guinea pig 🐷 and the contract was signed 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Let’s see what happens!!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️😳

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Mommy Meltdown

Hey Momz, So as a blogger if I am going be authentic, I have to be willing to share the bad too. So here goes nothing: So yesterday during the day I spoke to husband regarding having to take our 14 year old to get her nails done and get additional accessories for her 8th grade prom after I get off work. My husband ended up spending his day of work golfing as a work day which I totally support. His golf day ended early and he called me to inform me that he was picking the (3👨‍👧‍👧) kids up from school. I was like, “that’s great”! My husband ended up dropping our 14 year old daughter by my job so that we could go right after work to complete the items we needed to get done for her 8th grade prom.

Now mind you, I am assuming that since my 14 year old daughter and I was not going to get home until about 8:00ish that the other 3 👨‍👧‍👧 kids at the house with my husband would have completed the following: homework, showers, ironed uniforms, and etc.

So my 14 year old daughter and I get home around 8:00ish. I walk in the house all happy go lucky, walk upstairs, and ask my husband the following: “Hey babe, did the kids complete their homework?” He responded, “I did not know they had homework.” I immediately grabbed my laptop, went downstairs to office, locked the door and had a complete crying meltdown. See, I had worked a 9hr day, had taken my 14yr old daughter to get items for her 8th grade prom, and still had to come home and help my kids 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 with homework, do laundry 🧺, work on ministry paperwork, work on my blog stuff, make sure the kids get bathes, all while trying to make some me time. I think I cried literally like a baby (balling my eyes out) for about 45minutes before I got myself together. I was feeling all types of disrespect, unheard, unloved, just all types of thinking errors. Did you hear me thinking errors!

So once I consoled myself and began to think logically, I quickly realized that I never communicated to my husband or my children what I needed from them… I shared this story because I know sometimes as Momz we expect our family to know what we are thinking 🤔. And clearly I did not do a good job of that. It’s important that we communicate clearly our wants and needs and for the recipient to understand what those wants and needs are in order for effective communication to be met.

To all the Momz that may have had some meltdown moments as I have, it’s okay 👌. It’s life and you will get through it. On to the next thing 🤦🏼‍♀️🤗🧐

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Self Doubt

Hey Momz, I know sometimes we experience and go through self doubt. I just want to encourage a Mom that you all are destined for greatness. I wanted to share this transparent story of self doubt that I experienced recently: So my youngest son has been singing 🎤 since he was 3 years old and his birthday was yesterday and he turned 8. My son is an aspiring singer 🎶 so as a Mom you know I’m going to invest in his talent cause that’s what us Momz do. So I had been praying about the next step to help my son with his singing 🎤 regarding getting my son in the studio, but was experiencing some SELF DOUBT regarding the studio and singing because I was being impatient. So on yesterday my son had a singing engagement. During the event, this lady out of nowhere approached me and stated the following “I believe in your son and he is going to be an amazing singer and I want to financially invest in him”. Now I don’t know this lady but my SELF DOUBT immediately diminished because that was confirmation of my prayers. As Momz, when our kids tell us they want to be something in life, we work hard to try to make that happen for our kids and when things don’t happen the way we want them to Self Doubt can set it. Momz I want you to hear me, God will place people in your life to AFFIRM you and to diminish your SELF DOUBT. We are graced to guide and prepare our children for their purpose. Momz you are all Rockstars and are destined for Greatness! 🌟🌟🌟🤗#youareenough #womenempowerment #momsrock #balance #momsareawesome #mom #moms #momstyle #selfdoubt #encouragement #faith #mindsetofgreatness #achievegreatness

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Borderline Diabetic

Hey Momz, so I have to tell you this story. So I took my 9 year old daughter to the doctor 👩‍⚕️ for her annual routine check and the doctor basically informed me that my daughter is borderline diabetic. The doctors basically told me that my baby girl was in the obese category for her age, height, and weight. Immediately I begin to panic because I had seen some of the struggles that my extended family members had experienced being diabetic. I always pray; as that is a daily occurrence for me, but I begin to research and do some spring cleaning and looked into healthier food choices for my household as a whole. Although I am not the one who prepares the meals (my husband does that), we both recognized that we had to make some changes for my daughter’s life. While looking into healthier food choices, purchasing healthier foods and snacks, and praying, I decided to get my daughter a Fitbit. Now I already have a Fitbit; So after the Fitbit came in the mail, I sat down with my daughter and explained to her that we are going to have this competition using the Fitbits to see who can get the most steps and workouts each day. She was so excited and happy to be physically active. Now for those of you that don’t know my daughter, she normally does not like anything active and she is aware that she is a little heavier than her classmates. My husband and I also spend more time affirming my baby self esteem. So back to the story, I’m really excited because she is excited 😊; we sat down together and set up her Fitbit and created her an account so that she can log her items and I can send her supportive badges through the Fitbit program. My daughter has since beat me in steps everyday for this whole week and has been actively using her Fitbit to workout 🏋️‍♀️. I’m so proud of her that at 9 years old she decided to take her health into her own hands with the push of her mommy’s support. I shared this story because as Momz, sometimes we have to be creative in how we support and encourage our children. I’m not perfect but through my faith and prayers God has given me creativity in how to be and support my daughter as a Mom. I want to encourage all Momz to think 🤔 creatively whenever you are trying to support your kiddos 👶 in a way that can affect their lives for the rest of their lives. Momz you are all Rockstarz 🌟🌟

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Step-Parenting Chronicles

Chronicles of Step-parenting: Hey Momz, are any of you step parents out there? I’m pretty sure you are. Step parenting can be quite challenging when trying to co-parent, can anyone else relate?  So my bio son (15 yrs old) has really good relationship with my husband which is his stepdad(father).  My son also has a relationship with his Bio dad (DNA) and they talk on the phone and spend time together in the summers. So the issue is HAIRCUTS 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️:  So my husband has been in my son’s life since the age of 3 and has been cutting his hair since the age of 3/4 just to give you a little background.  We recently went back home to visit family and while there my son was able to spend some time with bio dad. Upon my son returning to my husband and I, my son begin make small talk about not wanting his stepdad to cut his hair. My husband and I found it very ironic that over the past recent months our son did not want his stepdad to cut  his hair.  Our son had even gone to the extreme to call his grandma to cash app him money 💵 to pay for his haircut 💇‍♂️. So then my husband and I decided to have a conversation with our son regarding this matter because our son never had an issue with his haircuts 💇‍♂️ before.  So after speaking with our son, he revealed to us that his bio dad basically told him that he shouldn’t let his stepdad cut his hair.  At this point I’m steaming (my ears 👂 have turned red because I was so pissed 😡) So I basically told my son that I understand what your bio dad says, however no outside person dictates what goes on within our household.  My son was sad 😢 with tears but he needed to hear that.  And because we are a blended family we have to remain a united front.   So my husband and I continued to have conversations and my husband did share with me that his step-son hurt his feelings which I thought was so sweet cause my husband is not a feeling type a guy.  So a few days a ago my husband came to me said, you know what, I think because our son is growing up and he is in high school 🏫, we should let him go to a barber 💈 to get his haircut 💇‍♂️; not because of the bio dad situation but because I prayed about it and he is growing up and he is a teenager and he should be able to start making some teenage choices.  I thought that situation was so profound because step-parenting is all trial and error. It does not come with a manual or manuscript.  Kuddos to all the step-parents out there making it happen👌

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Momz, It’s Okay Not to Be Perfect

Hey Momz, It’s Thursday! Yeah I know and It’s okay. We all fall short and no one is perfect. Momz we are going to make mistakes, say the wrong things at times, we may even say a curse word or 2 but hey it’s life. We are Human. That’s why God gives us grace because he knew we would make mistakes so brush your shoulders off and keep pushing forward. I was talking to me husband last night and he really made it very clear to me to just be my authentic self(I can be totally naked with him)and not try to over do it and impress anyone but God. Momz I have to share this with you: so I know this may seem small but we was literally talking about hair (the natural state of African American Hair) and he stated, l’ve never seen you wear your natural hair (curl pattern) without product”. Then I think 🤔 back and he was absolutely right. I have always either worn a relaxer, braids, sew in, crochet, wig, or something. I said this to say as Momz, it’s okay to be ourselves. I didn’t realize that I was not being myself, I thought 💭 that I was getting hair styles to create more time to get other things accomplished. I had to explain to my husband that my hairstyles was not to impress others but was to eliminate the time needed to accomplish other tasks. On the flip side I didn’t even consider that my husband loves me in my natural state-something to ponder 🤔. I found this article that I thought was interesting and I wanted to share from USA TODAY: I just want to encourage Momz that it’s okay to not be perfect and to have bad days and to just sometimes do what’s best for you. It’s Okay 🌟😎

#motherhood #mother #moms #momlife #empoweringwomen #wegotthis #momsrule #rockstars #encouragement #naturalhairstyles #beyourself #youdonthavetobeperfect #selfcare #doyou #letsgetit

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Momz, You are Amazing 🌟

Hey Momz, You ever pondered 🤔 the idea 💡 that everything has to be perfect? Oh yes we have! Let me tell you, that is far fetched from the truth. Momz, I literally had to have everything perfect with the kids, my house 🏠 had to be perfectly cleaned 🧽, my marriage had to perfect, and I mean everything I had to be perfect. Now this far fetched perfection was eating me alive until it literally has affecting my health. It’s crazy right? My husband had to sit me down and say to me, “Babe, you have a control issue and I think you need help”. I was thinking to myself, “He has the nerve to call me out, but he was telling the truth”. Not until I decided to surrender to the process of trying something different did my life begin to change for the better-meaning I finally understood that I don’t have be perfect to be amazing. Let’s just say that I’m less of a control freak and much happier. I know as Momz, sometimes we tend to want to be perfectionist. Just remember that you are every bit amazing 😉 no matter what. Momz are Rockstars 🌟😘