Why Self-Care is Important

Hey Momz, the reality is Self-Care is long over due and we have to come to terms that the Importance of Self-Care is priority.

Self-Care is doing something that brings you joy and that keeps you aligned/centered (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I like to think of Self-Care as taking Care of an infant. You have to nurture the baby, feed the baby, love on the baby, teach the baby…… you get my drift…… basically you are responsible for nurturing on yourself as you would nurture an infant.

Why is Self-Care Important?

1. Our tanks will become empty and then we will be running on fumes

2. We need replenish the energy that we give so that we can reset

3. Focusing on ourselves makes us a better parent, spouse, friend, businesswoman, and so on

Self-care is important for moms because it is super quick for us Moms to over task ourselves: we worry about appointments, keeping the house clean, laundry, and much more that we can feel pulled in a million different ways. Having to do all of that reminds us that we need some time to recenter ourselves.

Check out this great read on self-care:

I want to share with you 4 tips that you can do to recenter yourself:

1. Spend some time alone in your favorite space and read a book, listen to a podcast or read a magazine

My favorite space

2. You could take a bubble bath with music playing and candles lit with your favorite glass of wine.

3. You could go on a walk in your neighborhood and enjoy the scenery of the environment.

4. You could declutter a space such as a personal closet: I recently decluttered all of my toiletries, perfumes, makeup, lipsticks and I am only keeping what I need….. this gives me a peace of mind.

It is evident that Self-Care is important and that we have to learn to love ourselves. Nurturing and caring for ourselves helps us to live and operate out of a healthy, strong and a stable place. When our cup is full and we are taken care of, we can love and serve others well.

I left these affirmations just for you:

You will love yourself

You will believe in yourself

You will achieve your self-care goals

Thanks for reading,

Chass 💕

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