Momz, Don’t Panic- Quarantine Tips

Hey 👋 Momz! Chile I know you are thinking 🤔 like what quarantine tips can you give me that I have not already tried before. I know sometimes we get stuck in our own ways and not realize that it is totally okay to be open to receiving additional quarantine tips.

Momz, I want us to look at the fact that some of us are single parents, married parents, entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, and so much more, however at this point in time; we are all pretty much quarantined with the exception of the essential workers (a special thank you to all the essential workers) https://www.newsweek.com/list-essential-workers-that-we-should-thank-support-during-coronavirus-pandemic-1495750?amp=1. In the midst of all the quarantine tips that have been presented to you, I would like to add a few more to your list if you do not mind.

So let the fun begin……..Tip number 1. Momz let’s cut to the chase, we have to make self-care a priority. Why? Because if you do not ensure that you are replenishing to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem, your body will begin to shut down. In order for us Momz to be fully active and totally attentive to our family, our career, our friends, our businesses and so on, we must take the necessary step to incorporate self-care. Check out the article below for additional self-care tips:


Tip number 2………..Unplug from the News!! Yes I said it, Unplug from the Media Momz….Unplugging helps us to focus on what is important and to complete items on our to-do lists. We are more productive in our homes and in society as a whole. Unplugging allows Momz to sometimes find and define their purpose. News and Media is not always what it is hyped up to be so unplugging a few hours per day will be extremely productive to a Momz busy lifestyle/schedule.

Tip number 3……….Talk to your Kiddos about COVID-19. Hey 👋 Momz, our kiddos may have some undying questions about COVID-19. Chile, I got you some tips below

Here are some helpful tips for conversing with your kiddos:

  1. Create a safe space – kiddos want to feel a sense of security
  2. Honesty is the key (however you want to base that off of their maturity level because we are still responsible for safeguarding what we expose to our kiddos)
  3. Allow for an open dialogue regarding anxieties so that you can be a support to your child.
  4. Do a quick check in with your kiddos daily to assess their mental well being
  5. The ultimate goal is to create a space for your kiddos to feel secure, safe, and free to discuss whatever it is that they are feeling they need to discuss….. and repeat.
  6. If you find that you need assistance beyond these tips, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Please email me at roadmap2balance4momz@gmail.com if you require assistance. We got little souls to raise.

Tip number 4………..Exercising Regularly – Momz I know this one may be a tricky especially if you have several children (I can relate). Exercising regularly helps to boost your metabolism and allows you to feel good about yourself. Because majority of Momz have busy lives, we have to either work out before the kiddos wake up in morning or after the kiddos go to bed depending on their ages and maturity levels (what their needs are). Honestly Momz, being able to create a work out plan that works best for your schedule and your kiddos schedule will allow for cohesion. Check out this link below that provides additional tips for working out at home.


Momz and Fitness

Tip number 5………Eating Healthy- Momz eating healthy is definitely a great tip, right? I know it is challenging because we have our favorite go-to snacks that we love (mine: potato chips and sour straws). The key to this is portion control Momz- Well that and eating fruits, veggies, poultry, drinking plenty of water, and healthy snacking. What is also important is sticking to a time where you are not going to eat after; let’s say 6pm or 7pm as it gives your body time to break down the food and not store unhealthy fats. Additionally try to negate from emotional eating as that is where we as Momz tend to eat the most and eat the unhealthiest (I’m guilty as charged). Guess what Momz, I left you some tips below:


Tip number 6………..Schedule FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Video Messenger calls with your family members to stay connected. Staying connected with your family members and friends reduces anxiety and stress. Momz we know that having a circle/village ⭕️ of family and friends to help us with our kiddos is no longer a physical option (at this time) however, this same circle can offer support virtually through FaceTime, Skype, and Video Messenger. These family members can offer checkins, mentoring, counseling and just someone our kiddos can talk to and lean on.


Tip number 7……….Hey Momz this tip should have actually been number one- Meditating/ Praying daily. Meditating and having a prayer life can contribute to experiencing wholeness and peace. When I decided to put God first in my life, honestly everything else started to fall into place. I allowed God/King to lead my life instead of me trying to lead it (chile I messed it all up). I mean God has really shown up and showed out. Momz, don’t get me wrong- I still go through trials and tribulations all the time, but let me tell you; God walks me through each and every trial and tribulation that I encounter. So let me break it down real quick Momz: So you know how being a Mom we always have tons of laundry to do right (especially if you have at least a household of 4 or more). I used to have really bad anxiety over laundry because I have a household of 7 and our laundry never ends. With my daily prayers and my relationship with God, he made it clear to me that everything does not have to be perfect and that I can only do what I can do. Laundry is going to always be there so do what you can and let the rest be. I shared that because God taught me many years ago that I am perfect just the way I am and that I can only do what I can do each day.

So to all of My Momz, you are perfect just the way you are! God loves you for who you are. You can only do what you can do each day. Do not beat yourself up. I pray for the Momz that are reading this that you know that you are loved and that you are doing very best you can. I pray that these tips are helpful and useful. Thanks for reading. If you require additional assistance please reach out as times are tough- don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Signed, Chassity Parrish

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