A Grandma’s Presence

I am writing this blog post because my Mother has made a major impact on my life and my kiddos life. This woman/my mother is very independent and likes to have her own space and that’s okay. My Mother is a hard worker and is confident in who she is as a woman. This woman is incredible, selfless, has the best heart, is a blessing from God, and is a breath of fresh air. When my Mother left today moving out of the state, I thought that I was going to be totally okay, but really; I was an emotional wreck. I had to come to terms that my Mother was no longer going to be living in our household any longer-I was pretty sad about that. In the essence of my sadness, I’m giving my Mother her flowers!

My Mother lived with my husband, kiddos, and I for the past few months waiting to transition into her new home. I never knew what it would be like or even what to expect because this was our first family experience of having my mother/grandparent live in the home with us for an extended period of time.

Boy was this a blessing in disguise. As we all know being a working Mom is challenging and sometimes overwhelming. I did realize the positive impact of having a Grandparent in the home. I didn’t realize how having a Grandparent in the home would neutralize some things and put some things into perspective. My Mother’s presence did the following:

  1. I was able to sleep in on some Saturdays while she took on kiddos just so I could get some extra sleep- thank you ma
  2. My Mother reinforced the rules that my husband and I already had in place for the kids to ensure that the kids were not trying to split the parents and grandma- thank you ma
  3. My Mother took a load off of my mommies to-do list to assist in household chores by doing some of the laundry 🧺, dishes, and etc- thank you ma
  4. My Mother helped me out by taking the kiddos to practices to give this Mom a break- thank you ma
  5. My Mother would tell me when I was wrong for fussing at the kids or having an attitude with my husband 🤷🏼‍♀️- thank you ma
  6. My Mother kept the kiddos while my husband and I took out some time for date nights and while we went on our cruise- thank you ma

This Woman right here is a woman of impact. This Woman/My Mother/My kiddos Grandma is a woman of strength who makes decisions and responds out of love. She is a Spiritual Warrior who is not ashamed to speak the truth and speak what’s right.

I am so thankful that God allowed this woman to be my Mother and allowed her to be my kiddos grandmother. Her pure heart and her authentic love signifies God’s Grace. My Mother is a prime example of the Woman/Mother I want to be when I grow up.

Thanks Ma for making an impact on my family and for being an amazing grandmother to my kiddos. I so appreciate you and your presence. No matter how far you go, always remember you have a place here with us. We are going to miss you as you embark on your new journey.

Your Daughter,



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