Kiddos Take On Christmas

So I am sitting at work with a long to-do list of items that I have to complete pretty much daily. Amongst my to-do list is added Christmas Decorations 🤦🏼‍♀️. Moms can you relate? I am sure you can. So then I reached out to a good girl girlfriend and we talked about Christmas 🎄 decorations amongst other topics. She indicated that she was letting her 10 year old daughter decorate this year for Christmas.

So I am thinking 🤔 to myself; Self this is not a bad idea 💡 🤷🏼‍♀️. Thanks to my friend Chris for giving me this great idea-she is a Mom who Rocks.

So I get home 🏡 from work and decided to say “self you don’t have to be in control of everything; let go and let God”.

Then I decided to make this huge announcement to my kiddos 👶. I informed them that they will be in charge of completing the Christmas decorations this year and that Mommy will not play any part in decorating (mommy will take pictures and make videos). Yahoooo!

The kiddos proceed to get the Christmas decorations and begin to decorate. Now I’m sitting back taking photos and videos and thinking 🤔 to my self; Self you should have started this many moons ago. Moms I cannot even explain how just this one item being removed from my checklist/to-do list has relieved my stress level. It feels great-God is Good!

Moms, I’m just saying that sometimes we have to let go and let God. I learned a lesson from my Pastor that I want to share with you, there is 5% we can not control and 95% we can control. I am allowing that 5% to be what it is going to be, but through it all; I will keep my faith. So with that being said here is the 5% of what I could not control of what the Christmas decorations turned out to be:

And I don’t own the rights to any of the music!

Signed, RoadMap2Balance4Momz

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