Who Am I

My personal mission is to help stressed-out MOMZ plan, strategize, prioritize, organize their to-do lists and tasks, so they can THRIVE at balancing family and motherhood.

Hi! My name is Chassity, at this moment I live in the DMV area with my husband and our 5 children. I enjoy blogging to encourage Moms on taking care of themselves and finding new and creative ways to self-care. I also enjoy blogging about many different topics regarding parenting, date nights, health, and etc. My biggest passion is dancing  and speaking to Moms about Resilience/Balance regarding self-care, self-worth and self-confidence and I love it so much!

Momz have you ever been at a point in your life where you feel like you have lost yourselves by totally giving your all to your family and disregarding yourself because you was out of alignment? Well that was totally me. I was so focused on ensuring that family was taken care of that I totally forgot to take care of myself first (I was completely out of alignment).

This blog is designed to provide tools to the everyday parent to remind Momz that you matter. A lot of times we get caught up by the images of parenting through television and social media which does not actually portray the reality of parenthood for the average parent. The majority of parents do not live the celebrity life and we must learn to balance (find harmony)full time jobs (9-5), spouse, children, appointments, social life, friends, and extracurricular activities. This roadmap platform is designed to educate, empower, support and elevate Momz in their everyday lives. I am not only a forward thinker but a pioneer for every facet of the modern-day woman. This style of empowerment is virtual yet appealing. For many years I have used my voice to empower, equip and educate Momz to finding balance and aligning their lives by providing resources, tips, tools from everyday life.

I have allowed my faith in leading my obedience to every instruction which has shaped my authentic life. Through my healing, alignment with GOD and my resilience that I have experienced, this has given me the ability to help other Momz. These qualities and determination is what makes me qualified to lead Momz from pain to victory. I am a full-time mom and maintain full-time career. I am the CEO of RoadMap2Balance4Momz and a Co-Author of “The Mompreneur Manual” which provides creative direction and innovative ways for Momz to find and maintain harmony/balance in their life. In this role, I have brought clarity and life to numerous Momz. My authority is further solidified through higher learning. I have earned a Masters Degree Science of Human Behavior from Capella University and I continue to educate myself regularly. I am married and am a proud mother of 5 and love my family. I have a passion for living authentically and just having fun. I can’t wait to connect with all of you real soon. This journey will not only benefit you but it will also benefit myself as we take this journey together. Thank you for taking this leap of faith with me.

Helping other Momz development Resiliency/Self-Care/Aligning does not mean we don’t love our families, its means that we are practicing taking an active role in protecting our well being in order to be productive as a Mom, wife, friend, confidant, and business owner to prevent burnout. It’s knowing when our resources are running low and stepping back to replenish them rather than letting them all drain away and we drown instead of swim.

On my blog, you will find a big variety of blog content on everything above. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog! Look out for additional items in the future!

Much love,


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