Self Doubt

Hey Momz, I know sometimes we experience and go through self doubt. I just want to encourage a Mom that you all are destined for greatness. I wanted to share this transparent story of self doubt that I experienced recently: So my youngest son has been singing 🎤 since he was 3 years old and his birthday was yesterday and he turned 8. My son is an aspiring singer 🎶 so as a Mom you know I’m going to invest in his talent cause that’s what us Momz do. So I had been praying about the next step to help my son with his singing 🎤 regarding getting my son in the studio, but was experiencing some SELF DOUBT regarding the studio and singing because I was being impatient. So on yesterday my son had a singing engagement. During the event, this lady out of nowhere approached me and stated the following “I believe in your son and he is going to be an amazing singer and I want to financially invest in him”. Now I don’t know this lady but my SELF DOUBT immediately diminished because that was confirmation of my prayers. As Momz, when our kids tell us they want to be something in life, we work hard to try to make that happen for our kids and when things don’t happen the way we want them to Self Doubt can set it. Momz I want you to hear me, God will place people in your life to AFFIRM you and to diminish your SELF DOUBT. We are graced to guide and prepare our children for their purpose. Momz you are all Rockstars and are destined for Greatness! 🌟🌟🌟🤗#youareenough #womenempowerment #momsrock #balance #momsareawesome #mom #moms #momstyle #selfdoubt #encouragement #faith #mindsetofgreatness #achievegreatness

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