Step-Parenting Chronicles

Chronicles of Step-parenting: Hey Momz, are any of you step parents out there? I’m pretty sure you are. Step parenting can be quite challenging when trying to co-parent, can anyone else relate?  So my bio son (15 yrs old) has really good relationship with my husband which is his stepdad(father).  My son also has a relationship with his Bio dad (DNA) and they talk on the phone and spend time together in the summers. So the issue is HAIRCUTS 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️:  So my husband has been in my son’s life since the age of 3 and has been cutting his hair since the age of 3/4 just to give you a little background.  We recently went back home to visit family and while there my son was able to spend some time with bio dad. Upon my son returning to my husband and I, my son begin make small talk about not wanting his stepdad to cut his hair. My husband and I found it very ironic that over the past recent months our son did not want his stepdad to cut  his hair.  Our son had even gone to the extreme to call his grandma to cash app him money 💵 to pay for his haircut 💇‍♂️. So then my husband and I decided to have a conversation with our son regarding this matter because our son never had an issue with his haircuts 💇‍♂️ before.  So after speaking with our son, he revealed to us that his bio dad basically told him that he shouldn’t let his stepdad cut his hair.  At this point I’m steaming (my ears 👂 have turned red because I was so pissed 😡) So I basically told my son that I understand what your bio dad says, however no outside person dictates what goes on within our household.  My son was sad 😢 with tears but he needed to hear that.  And because we are a blended family we have to remain a united front.   So my husband and I continued to have conversations and my husband did share with me that his step-son hurt his feelings which I thought was so sweet cause my husband is not a feeling type a guy.  So a few days a ago my husband came to me said, you know what, I think because our son is growing up and he is in high school 🏫, we should let him go to a barber 💈 to get his haircut 💇‍♂️; not because of the bio dad situation but because I prayed about it and he is growing up and he is a teenager and he should be able to start making some teenage choices.  I thought that situation was so profound because step-parenting is all trial and error. It does not come with a manual or manuscript.  Kuddos to all the step-parents out there making it happen👌

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