Momz, It’s Okay Not to Be Perfect

Hey Momz, It’s Thursday! Yeah I know and It’s okay. We all fall short and no one is perfect. Momz we are going to make mistakes, say the wrong things at times, we may even say a curse word or 2 but hey it’s life. We are Human. That’s why God gives us grace because he knew we would make mistakes so brush your shoulders off and keep pushing forward. I was talking to me husband last night and he really made it very clear to me to just be my authentic self(I can be totally naked with him)and not try to over do it and impress anyone but God. Momz I have to share this with you: so I know this may seem small but we was literally talking about hair (the natural state of African American Hair) and he stated, l’ve never seen you wear your natural hair (curl pattern) without product”. Then I think 🤔 back and he was absolutely right. I have always either worn a relaxer, braids, sew in, crochet, wig, or something. I said this to say as Momz, it’s okay to be ourselves. I didn’t realize that I was not being myself, I thought 💭 that I was getting hair styles to create more time to get other things accomplished. I had to explain to my husband that my hairstyles was not to impress others but was to eliminate the time needed to accomplish other tasks. On the flip side I didn’t even consider that my husband loves me in my natural state-something to ponder 🤔. I found this article that I thought was interesting and I wanted to share from USA TODAY: I just want to encourage Momz that it’s okay to not be perfect and to have bad days and to just sometimes do what’s best for you. It’s Okay 🌟😎

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Hey Momz have you ever been at a point in your life where you feel like you have lost yourselves by totally giving your all to your family and disregarding yourself. Well that was totally me. I was so focused on ensuring that family was taken care of that I totally forgot to take care of myself first. This blog is designed to provide tools to the everyday parent to remind Momz that you matter. A lot of times we get caught up by the images of parenting through television and social media which does not actually portray the reality of parenthood for the average parent. Majority of parents do not live the celebrity life and we must learn to balance (find harmony)full time jobs (9-5), spouse, children, appointments, social life, friends and extra curricular activities. This roadmap platform is designed to educate, empower, support and elevate Momz in their everyday lives. I am not only a forward thinker but a pioneer for every facet of the modern day woman. This style of empowerment is virtual but yet appealing. For many years I have used my voice to empower, equip and educate Momz to finding balance in their lives by providing resources, tips, tools from everyday life. I have allowed my faith in leading her my obedience to every instruction which has shaped my authentic life. Through my healing and resilience that I have experienced, this has given me the ability to help other Momz. These qualities and determination is what makes me qualified to lead Momz from pain to victory. I am a full-time mom and maintain full-time career. I am the CEO of RoadMap2Balance4Momz which provides creative direction and innovative ways for Momz to find and maintain harmony/balance in their life. In this role, I have brought clarity and life to numerous Momz. My authority is further solidified through higher learning. I have earned a Masters Degree Science of Human Behavior from Capella University and I continue to educate myself regularly. I am married and am a proud mother of 5 and love my family. I have a passion for living authentically and just having fun. I can’t wait to connect with all of you real soon. This journey will not only benefit you but it will also benefit myself as we take this journey together. Thank you for taking this leap of faith with me 🤗🌟 #selflove #selfcare #momlife #momsrule #harmony #balance #bepatientwithyourself #bepatient#empoweringeomen #moms #momsworkhard #momsfashion #cantatopwontstop #colorado #DC #Alabama

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