Momz, You are Amazing 🌟

Hey Momz, You ever pondered 🤔 the idea 💡 that everything has to be perfect? Oh yes we have! Let me tell you, that is far fetched from the truth. Momz, I literally had to have everything perfect with the kids, my house 🏠 had to be perfectly cleaned 🧽, my marriage had to perfect, and I mean everything I had to be perfect. Now this far fetched perfection was eating me alive until it literally has affecting my health. It’s crazy right? My husband had to sit me down and say to me, “Babe, you have a control issue and I think you need help”. I was thinking to myself, “He has the nerve to call me out, but he was telling the truth”. Not until I decided to surrender to the process of trying something different did my life begin to change for the better-meaning I finally understood that I don’t have be perfect to be amazing. Let’s just say that I’m less of a control freak and much happier. I know as Momz, sometimes we tend to want to be perfectionist. Just remember that you are every bit amazing 😉 no matter what. Momz are Rockstars 🌟😘

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