The Importance of a Self-Care Regimen as a Mompreneur

Let’s get right down to it……

Having a Self-Care Regimen is important because research suggests that 78% of moms put off prioritizing Self-Care because they are too busy taking care of everyone else. Taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being is important to have the right energy and mindset needed for your business and family.

Having a Self-Care regimen allows you to perform at your best. According to the Motherly’s 2021 State of Motherhood Survey found that 93% of moms are burned out/stressed out. And that’s because moms tend to juggle many aspects of their lives and they we often forget to prioritize our needs so that they can be what they need to be for their family and our business. Now, I am guilty of this too. I struggled for many years to take care of myself because I was so consumed with work, my spouse (military family), kids’ school and afterschool activities, medical appointments, and family’s overall needs. I struggled to the point where I suffered from depression and anxiety.

However over time I did the necessary work by planning and prioritizing what’s important like selfcare to become a better version of me for my family and business so that I didn’t have to choose between the two.

Having a Self-Care Regimen also helps you to feel energized and well-rested so that you can take on the challenges of each day. The reality is, each day is going to come with a different set of challenges so preparing your mind for the day is crucial. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and communicate with your family your need to implement a self-care regimen.

Here are some tips for communicating with your family about your self-care regiment:

  • Sit down with your family and inform them how often you will need self-care time to yourself. Be specific to what your needs or for example: inform them that you need time alone on Mon,  Wed, Fri, from 8pm-9pm without any interruptions
  • Schedule your self-care time at least 3-4 times per week or whatever is conducive to your schedule.  Make sure that it is something that brings you joy and that fills your keep
  • Get rid of the mommy guilt. Try to catch yourself when you are having mom guilt and practice self positive talk and develop an affirmation when you are feeling the mom guilt for example:  I deserve this time to myself to that I can be the best version of myself for my family

And lastly, having a Self-Care regimen helps you maintain your self-confidence so that you can be productive. Productivity is important when it comes to maintaining your family and business. As a mompreneur, you don’t have a whole lot of time to waste because you wear so many hats.

Have you planned, prioritized, and scheduled your self-care for the week? ✍🏾

It’s imperative to incorporate Self-Care into your regimen daily if you can (something small – tea sitting in my garden) so that you can preserve your sanity for your family and your business. Or you could plan Self-Care once a week (whether you drive to Target 🎯 and walk around just to get away) or just plan Self-Care time to just do something that you really enjoy (like a dancing 💃 class or hanging with your good girlfriends).

The reality is, if you don’t schedule it…… I mean put it in your calendar 📆, write it down, you already know it’s not going to happen 🙅🏽‍♀️. Why, because everyone else is pulling on our coat 🧥 tails……….. 

So my question to you is what are you doing to plan, prioritize, and manage your self-care regimen?

Don’t forget that if you have additional questions or need more in-site about how to create a self-care regimen, you can join our mompreneur manual group because we will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Chass 🤞🏽

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Journaling Chick

HEY MOMZ, Let’s talk about writing in a journal and tuning into your feelings daily. Writing in a journal daily and tuning into your feelings allows you to honestly empty your thoughts. Because Moms and Mompreneurs tend to have tons of thoughts daily, journaling and tuning into their feelings is a win win.

Statistics indicate that “Writing accesses the left hemisphere of the brain, which is analytical and rational,” Maud Purcell, a psychotherapist and journaling expert, told Fast Company. “While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to do what it does best, i.e. create, intuit, and feel. In this way, writing removes mental blocks and allows us to use more of our brainpower to better understand ourselves and the world around us.”

The truth is that when I talk to Momz, almost 100% of them tell me that they are not writing in their journal and are not tuning into their feelings every day because either A. They can’t find the time, B. They can’t find the drive , or C. They can’t find the motivation.

Here are 3 things you can do to start writing in your journal daily and tuning into your feelings daily:

1. Schedule it. Get up a few minutes early before your babies get out of bed and journal for 2-3 minutes. Journaling helps improve your mood and provides an opportunity for positive self-talk. If you are looking for a paper planner or a digital planner.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice being in your feelings when you are feeling! You can’t control what you are feeling but you can face them head-on. Stay in the moment about what you are feeling and being able to speak to your feelings is a release and it will make them easier to deal with. Try listening to some music to sooth you. Check out this echo dot that I use in my home to self-soothe to pratice being in my feelings. I love listening to Tori Kelly!

3. Don’t be afraid to put the phone/ social media down and not allow the agendas of social media to reactively guide your agendas. This allows time for your brain to engage in a mode of intellectual and creative flow. You can do some yoga, in-house gardening, or read your favorite book.

Journaling and tuning into your feelings daily will also allow you to take a more in depth look at yourself and the people around you:  it will give you clarity on your home, your business, and your family.

Let the right people help you!!!! 

Here are some additional tips to give you more clarity on journaling and tuning into your feelings:

– Trust God and he will direct your path (Jeremiah 29:11 …..”For God knows the plans”….)

Journal about your feelings while you allow others to help you (grab your copy of your journal…. I have one similiar)

– Don’t be afraid to look within yourself as this allows for Self-Revelation

– Don’t be afraid to say, “You know what, I do need help with that” (Take off the SuperWoman Cape)- We all need some help in some form or fashion

Journaling and tuning into your feelings has so many benefits. Being able to journal and tuning into your feelings allows you to decompress and vent without judgement and this creates space for a new perspective. If you require additional assistance, I can show you how to create a personalized roadmap, change your mindset, and how to tap into your sheropowers.

Remember, you have to take care of yourself in order to serve others.

Signed a Faithchick,


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Why Self-Care is Important

Hey Momz, the reality is Self-Care is long over due and we have to come to terms that the Importance of Self-Care is priority.

Self-Care is doing something that brings you joy and that keeps you aligned/centered (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I like to think of Self-Care as taking Care of an infant. You have to nurture the baby, feed the baby, love on the baby, teach the baby…… you get my drift…… basically you are responsible for nurturing on yourself as you would nurture an infant.

Why is Self-Care Important?

1. Our tanks will become empty and then we will be running on fumes

2. We need replenish the energy that we give so that we can reset

3. Focusing on ourselves makes us a better parent, spouse, friend, businesswoman, and so on

Self-care is important for moms because it is super quick for us Moms to over task ourselves: we worry about appointments, keeping the house clean, laundry, and much more that we can feel pulled in a million different ways. Having to do all of that reminds us that we need some time to recenter ourselves.

Check out this great read on self-care:

I want to share with you 4 tips that you can do to recenter yourself:

1. Spend some time alone in your favorite space and read a book, listen to a podcast or read a magazine

My favorite space

2. You could take a bubble bath with music playing and candles lit with your favorite glass of wine.

3. You could go on a walk in your neighborhood and enjoy the scenery of the environment.

4. You could declutter a space such as a personal closet: I recently decluttered all of my toiletries, perfumes, makeup, lipsticks and I am only keeping what I need….. this gives me a peace of mind.

It is evident that Self-Care is important and that we have to learn to love ourselves. Nurturing and caring for ourselves helps us to live and operate out of a healthy, strong and a stable place. When our cup is full and we are taken care of, we can love and serve others well.

I left these affirmations just for you:

You will love yourself

You will believe in yourself

You will achieve your self-care goals

Thanks for reading,

Chass 💕

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4 Steps to a Consistent Self-Care Routine

Hey Momz, Chile I am back………  

So where do I begin…… As Mommies it is important that we ensure Self-Care is priority in our lives. Self-Care should be something that we not only enjoy but it is an inward reflection of God’s Grace. Self-Care not only gives you a sense of peace, but it allows you to become one with yourself.

I once lost myself. I did not make Self-Care a Priority. I suffered in silence and it took a toll on my health.

Then, I realized through prayer and journaling that I needed to find my purpose and my worth…

And chances are, you’ve experienced something similar.

I remember not wanting to do very much for myself because I was pretty consumed with my kids, parent-teacher meetings, spouse, appointments, conferences, work, and much more.

When I noticed that nothing in my life was aligning I knew I had to do something different 🙋🏽‍♀️.

I made a decision. I chose to do what was aligning to me.

Instead………..I chose these steps 👇🏾

Here are 4 Steps that will help you to consistently engage in a Self-Care Routine:

1. Create your own sacred space just for you

2. Plan your Self-Care time:

3. Choose a self-care item that is enjoyable and something that makes you feel centered.

4. Connect with people in a meaningful way on a consistent basis? It may be a spouse or family member. It may be a friend or colleague. It may be a counselor, coach, or mentor. It doesn’t have to be the same person every time. What’s important is that you have a meaningful connection with someone on a consistent basis.

Once I realized how valuable these 4 steps meant, I blossomed ⭐️🤸🏽‍♀️.

I begin to step outside of the box 📦

and did the work to become the very best version of myself 💕🎯

I evolved.

I set boundaries.

I say “NO” if it goes against my values.

I speak my truth in a loving way because I realize that my voice matters too.

I protect my peace.✌🏽

I know that I am Worthy of love💗and respect.

I love myself.

I make myself a Priority.

I ask for help when needed.

I tapped into my #sheropowers and found my purpose and started taking action on the things that most aligned with Self-Care.

And guess what? It worked!

Sadly, I see so many of the same challenges amongst MOMZ.

But the truth is, you don’t have to lose yourself, sacrifice yourself, or opt out of Self-Care in order to create success and balance in your family, relationships, career, and lifestyle.

To add icing on the cake 🎂, don’t forget that sometimes pampering yourself is needed to relax you. Tell me a Mom who does not like to pamper herself 🙋🏽‍♀️💕. Click this Amazon link below.

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube video on 4 Tips to Have a Consistent Self-Care Routine

I want to show you how to create a personalized roadmap to Self-Care, change your mindset, and how to tap into your #sheropowers to redefine you.

Are you ready to make Self-Care a Priority and find your SheroPower?

Simply click this link >>>

Momz Affirmations: 

You will take care of yourself in order to serve others

Celebrate your small victories with your self-care routine

You will fight for consistency with your self-care routine

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Chassity 💕



So where do I begin 🤷🏼‍♀️? 2019-2020 has been a pretty trying time. Through it all, I know God has a plan. Through it all, my Faith has not wavered. As Mother, we have to pivot in so many areas of our lives that trying times is just another curve ball being thrown our way where we have to be prepared with our gloves ready to catch the curve balls.

So to the readers that may not know me, I have a full-time career, married, a momprenuer, Life Coach to Momz, blended family, 5 kids, and a few additional roles- that’s just a quick snapshot.

Every morning or evening, I take out time to write in my grateful journal, I listen to my worship music, and I pray (read scripture) and spend time with God. During my time spent, God revealed to me that he was equipping me and preparing me for some upcoming storms.

Now I would ask God what specifically is he preparing me for? He would always just whisper to me to keep your Faith and Trust him. Two of my favorite scriptures Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 4:13 I would repent them daily. So boom: The COVID-19 hit!

That in itself came with several challenges. First, I had to pivot (like majority of us Moms) to homeschooling. Secondly, the organization that I am employed with started telecommuting from home. Third, I had to share a workspace with my spouse. All of these things are happening at once. (Thank you to all the essential workers that continued to work during this period) This brought about scheduling conflicts, fighting for time alone, and fighting for quality time being spent together. Let me just say this God sat us both down: although we already pray together, we started doing couples devotion daily and that has blessed our relationship tremendously. We have even learned new things about our children.

A few weeks later, after getting a check-up I get the news from the doctor that I needed surgery to have some abnormal cells removed. For the most part I have had a clean bill of health so this was a shocker. So I’m talking to God, like God what’s going on? I am a woman of Faith but hearing the news brought about all these different emotions. I immediately start telling God, “like I need to be here for my kids and for my family”. I was allowing my emotions to get the best of me because not once did I get any news that I was leaving the earth 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. I was assuming my destiny versus allowing God to position my destiny.

So Fast-forward, I have the surgery about two weeks later. After my surgery, my doctor informed me that I shouldn’t bleed for no more than two weeks and if the bleeding continues or became heavy, I should go to the emergency room. So after week one of my surgery, I was still bleeding pretty heavy and I was feeling lightheaded and just could not stay awake (basically I was loosing too much blood). So I call my doctor to inform him of the symptoms and he informed me to come in immediately. So I go back to the doctor and they attempted to stop the bleeding three times that week in the office. The bleeding would not stop; So the doctor scheduled me for an emergency surgery because I’m literally bleeding out.

Now this is my second surgery within a three week time frame. But right before my second surgery my mom and dad fly into town because they wanted to ensure that I was resting properly. They knew that their daughter was not resting 🤦🏼‍♀️. And because I informed my parents that I had seen an Angel (I really did). They got on the next flight ✈️ smoking.

Moms we are normally the one to take care of the up keep of the inside of the home; having reinforcements to come to my home so that you can rest properly was a Blessing. I literally felt like the woman with the issue of blood because I bled for a long time. The Woman with the issue of blood was healed because of her Faith. Again, my FAITH never wavered because I know that I am nothing without God in my life. I know that God sent my Mom and Dad because although I was having surgeries, I was still trying to clean dishes, do laundry, sweep, fold clothes because I did not want to get behind. He sent my Mother and Father (My Reinforcements) so that I could totally rest (mind, body, and soul) and heal. God knew that my husband needed help.

I know that there are some Moms that can relate to not wanting to fall behind on household duties, so you still try to push yourself even when your body says no. That was me. I had to get rid of the Superwoman Cape.

About a week after my surgery, our household refrigerator broke and then a rain storm came and flooded our entire basement five days after that!!!! All of the carpet had to be removed, some of the doors removed, and the walls had to be taken out: a real live construction 🚧 site going.

This was the only face I could make

This is another unexpected pivoting moment that us Moms have to face and be prepared to face. I know that God is still in control and these are just mini tests of Faith. I think some people have this notion that just because you are a Christian you don’t go through tough times or have struggles, Chile so not true. We as Moms, we are equipped to pivot and bounce back from many curve balls being thrown. Moms are graced to endure and overcome through faith and tenacity.

Through all of my pivoting moments, my husband has been battling with me: praying, teaching, taking care of me while I heal, and just been that voice of reason- I am forever grateful for my friend/husband. (And he took care of the kiddos 5 of them)

My husband and I- Our Journey

I had friends, additional family members, my church family, and my Pastor offer support and I really appreciate it. Our basement is currently under reconstruction. Let’s keep the Faith Moms and know that you too can get through your life challenges.

Here are some TIPS for getting through stressful times: 1. Keep Self-Care as a Priority (take a walk, a bubble bath, listen to a positive podcast). 2. Meditate/Prayer Daily 3. Daily Journal 📓 entry 4. Work out 🏋️‍♀️ or bike ride 3 times per week. 5. Drink plenty of water 6. Talk to your Best Girlfriends for encouragement and support. 7. Get some rest

Signed, A FaithChick


Momz, Don’t Panic- Quarantine Tips

Hey 👋 Momz! Chile I know you are thinking 🤔 like what quarantine tips can you give me that I have not already tried before. I know sometimes we get stuck in our own ways and not realize that it is totally okay to be open to receiving additional quarantine tips.

Momz, I want us to look at the fact that some of us are single parents, married parents, entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, and so much more, however at this point in time; we are all pretty much quarantined with the exception of the essential workers (a special thank you to all the essential workers) In the midst of all the quarantine tips that have been presented to you, I would like to add a few more to your list if you do not mind.

So let the fun begin……..Tip number 1. Momz let’s cut to the chase, we have to make self-care a priority. Why? Because if you do not ensure that you are replenishing to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem, your body will begin to shut down. In order for us Momz to be fully active and totally attentive to our family, our career, our friends, our businesses and so on, we must take the necessary step to incorporate self-care. Check out the article below for additional self-care tips:

Tip number 2………..Unplug from the News!! Yes I said it, Unplug from the Media Momz….Unplugging helps us to focus on what is important and to complete items on our to-do lists. We are more productive in our homes and in society as a whole. Unplugging allows Momz to sometimes find and define their purpose. News and Media is not always what it is hyped up to be so unplugging a few hours per day will be extremely productive to a Momz busy lifestyle/schedule.

Tip number 3……….Talk to your Kiddos about COVID-19. Hey 👋 Momz, our kiddos may have some undying questions about COVID-19. Chile, I got you some tips below

Here are some helpful tips for conversing with your kiddos:

  1. Create a safe space – kiddos want to feel a sense of security
  2. Honesty is the key (however you want to base that off of their maturity level because we are still responsible for safeguarding what we expose to our kiddos)
  3. Allow for an open dialogue regarding anxieties so that you can be a support to your child.
  4. Do a quick check in with your kiddos daily to assess their mental well being
  5. The ultimate goal is to create a space for your kiddos to feel secure, safe, and free to discuss whatever it is that they are feeling they need to discuss….. and repeat.
  6. If you find that you need assistance beyond these tips, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Please email me at if you require assistance. We got little souls to raise.

Tip number 4………..Exercising Regularly – Momz I know this one may be a tricky especially if you have several children (I can relate). Exercising regularly helps to boost your metabolism and allows you to feel good about yourself. Because majority of Momz have busy lives, we have to either work out before the kiddos wake up in morning or after the kiddos go to bed depending on their ages and maturity levels (what their needs are). Honestly Momz, being able to create a work out plan that works best for your schedule and your kiddos schedule will allow for cohesion. Check out this link below that provides additional tips for working out at home.

Momz and Fitness

Tip number 5………Eating Healthy- Momz eating healthy is definitely a great tip, right? I know it is challenging because we have our favorite go-to snacks that we love (mine: potato chips and sour straws). The key to this is portion control Momz- Well that and eating fruits, veggies, poultry, drinking plenty of water, and healthy snacking. What is also important is sticking to a time where you are not going to eat after; let’s say 6pm or 7pm as it gives your body time to break down the food and not store unhealthy fats. Additionally try to negate from emotional eating as that is where we as Momz tend to eat the most and eat the unhealthiest (I’m guilty as charged). Guess what Momz, I left you some tips below:

Tip number 6………..Schedule FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Video Messenger calls with your family members to stay connected. Staying connected with your family members and friends reduces anxiety and stress. Momz we know that having a circle/village ⭕️ of family and friends to help us with our kiddos is no longer a physical option (at this time) however, this same circle can offer support virtually through FaceTime, Skype, and Video Messenger. These family members can offer checkins, mentoring, counseling and just someone our kiddos can talk to and lean on.

Tip number 7……….Hey Momz this tip should have actually been number one- Meditating/ Praying daily. Meditating and having a prayer life can contribute to experiencing wholeness and peace. When I decided to put God first in my life, honestly everything else started to fall into place. I allowed God/King to lead my life instead of me trying to lead it (chile I messed it all up). I mean God has really shown up and showed out. Momz, don’t get me wrong- I still go through trials and tribulations all the time, but let me tell you; God walks me through each and every trial and tribulation that I encounter. So let me break it down real quick Momz: So you know how being a Mom we always have tons of laundry to do right (especially if you have at least a household of 4 or more). I used to have really bad anxiety over laundry because I have a household of 7 and our laundry never ends. With my daily prayers and my relationship with God, he made it clear to me that everything does not have to be perfect and that I can only do what I can do. Laundry is going to always be there so do what you can and let the rest be. I shared that because God taught me many years ago that I am perfect just the way I am and that I can only do what I can do each day.

So to all of My Momz, you are perfect just the way you are! God loves you for who you are. You can only do what you can do each day. Do not beat yourself up. I pray for the Momz that are reading this that you know that you are loved and that you are doing very best you can. I pray that these tips are helpful and useful. Thanks for reading. If you require additional assistance please reach out as times are tough- don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Signed, Chassity Parrish

A Grandma’s Presence

I am writing this blog post because my Mother has made a major impact on my life and my kiddos life. This woman/my mother is very independent and likes to have her own space and that’s okay. My Mother is a hard worker and is confident in who she is as a woman. This woman is incredible, selfless, has the best heart, is a blessing from God, and is a breath of fresh air. When my Mother left today moving out of the state, I thought that I was going to be totally okay, but really; I was an emotional wreck. I had to come to terms that my Mother was no longer going to be living in our household any longer-I was pretty sad about that. In the essence of my sadness, I’m giving my Mother her flowers!

My Mother lived with my husband, kiddos, and I for the past few months waiting to transition into her new home. I never knew what it would be like or even what to expect because this was our first family experience of having my mother/grandparent live in the home with us for an extended period of time.

Boy was this a blessing in disguise. As we all know being a working Mom is challenging and sometimes overwhelming. I did realize the positive impact of having a Grandparent in the home. I didn’t realize how having a Grandparent in the home would neutralize some things and put some things into perspective. My Mother’s presence did the following:

  1. I was able to sleep in on some Saturdays while she took on kiddos just so I could get some extra sleep- thank you ma
  2. My Mother reinforced the rules that my husband and I already had in place for the kids to ensure that the kids were not trying to split the parents and grandma- thank you ma
  3. My Mother took a load off of my mommies to-do list to assist in household chores by doing some of the laundry 🧺, dishes, and etc- thank you ma
  4. My Mother helped me out by taking the kiddos to practices to give this Mom a break- thank you ma
  5. My Mother would tell me when I was wrong for fussing at the kids or having an attitude with my husband 🤷🏼‍♀️- thank you ma
  6. My Mother kept the kiddos while my husband and I took out some time for date nights and while we went on our cruise- thank you ma

This Woman right here is a woman of impact. This Woman/My Mother/My kiddos Grandma is a woman of strength who makes decisions and responds out of love. She is a Spiritual Warrior who is not ashamed to speak the truth and speak what’s right.

I am so thankful that God allowed this woman to be my Mother and allowed her to be my kiddos grandmother. Her pure heart and her authentic love signifies God’s Grace. My Mother is a prime example of the Woman/Mother I want to be when I grow up.

Thanks Ma for making an impact on my family and for being an amazing grandmother to my kiddos. I so appreciate you and your presence. No matter how far you go, always remember you have a place here with us. We are going to miss you as you embark on your new journey.

Your Daughter,




Kiddos Take On Christmas

So I am sitting at work with a long to-do list of items that I have to complete pretty much daily. Amongst my to-do list is added Christmas Decorations 🤦🏼‍♀️. Moms can you relate? I am sure you can. So then I reached out to a good girl girlfriend and we talked about Christmas 🎄 decorations amongst other topics. She indicated that she was letting her 10 year old daughter decorate this year for Christmas.

So I am thinking 🤔 to myself; Self this is not a bad idea 💡 🤷🏼‍♀️. Thanks to my friend Chris for giving me this great idea-she is a Mom who Rocks.

So I get home 🏡 from work and decided to say “self you don’t have to be in control of everything; let go and let God”.

Then I decided to make this huge announcement to my kiddos 👶. I informed them that they will be in charge of completing the Christmas decorations this year and that Mommy will not play any part in decorating (mommy will take pictures and make videos). Yahoooo!

The kiddos proceed to get the Christmas decorations and begin to decorate. Now I’m sitting back taking photos and videos and thinking 🤔 to my self; Self you should have started this many moons ago. Moms I cannot even explain how just this one item being removed from my checklist/to-do list has relieved my stress level. It feels great-God is Good!

Moms, I’m just saying that sometimes we have to let go and let God. I learned a lesson from my Pastor that I want to share with you, there is 5% we can not control and 95% we can control. I am allowing that 5% to be what it is going to be, but through it all; I will keep my faith. So with that being said here is the 5% of what I could not control of what the Christmas decorations turned out to be:

And I don’t own the rights to any of the music!

Signed, RoadMap2Balance4Momz


No Luggage 🧳

So I wanted to share this story because this may help a friend or mom. My friends and I have been friends for many years (more like 15 plus years) and we plan trips as often as we can to stay connected outside of our group texts, FaceTime calls and other communication techniques that we indulge in.

As you can see we come from different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, but we have pure hearts and have genuine love for each other.

Here is where the story actually begins. So our flights into the New Orleans airport were canceled by the airlines on a Saturday morning due to the electricity being out in the New Orleans airport. So because we was so eager to make our girls trip happen, we started phone calls and texts to figure out how we was going to make this 3-4 day girls trip happen.

The backstory is that we are all flying from different states: Maryland, Colorado and Texas

Because the airline canceled our flights, we was able to get our flights transferred to Birmingham. Now I arrived in Birmingham first in which I rented a car so that we could make a 5 hour drive/road trip to New Orleans to ensure that our girls trip was in full effect.

Back up for a moment, the airport looses my luggage 🧳

This is my face sitting in the rental car with no luggage and with only one outfit (the one I have on) thinking what am I going to do with no luggage and no hair products with all this humidity. Honestly this has never happened to me before.

So I must have called the airport and lost luggage number 10-15 times but my luggage was not located. This was playing in the back of my mind but I had to put on my game face on and be present in the moment (Mindfulness) so that I could enjoy my friends.

Hanging with my friends; we shared laughter, humor, great food, wine, hugs, feelings, and we even thought our rented house was haunted 🤷🏼‍♀️.

During our girls trip, I ended having to purchase the basic necessities: deodorant, toothbrush, undies, t-shirts, and pants because my luggage 🧳 was lost. My friends were very supportive and patient being that I had to replay my pants 👖 (just keeping it real) they even allowed me to borrow items so that I could stay clean and tidy (what more could a girl who had no luggage 🧳 ask for).

Then the trip comes to an end and it’s time to say our goodbyes and until next times. I still did not have luggage 🧳. Upon my return home 🏠, I receive a phone ☎️ call from the airline indicating they have located my luggage 🧳. The moral of the story is to enjoy the moments- It’s not about clothes and shoes and your appearance. It’s really about Relationships and Cherishing important genuine Friendships and Relationships.

So if you have not told a loved one, sister girl, brother, mother, or whomever how much you appreciate them, I encourage you to do so. I”m out ✌🏻in my jeans that I wore the whole trip so what 🤷🏼‍♀️.